Hail Damage Repair
If you are caught in hail, chances are that your vehicle’s surface will be damaged. Unexpected hail during travel or when your vehicle is parked outside can cost you in the thousands. However, there’s a relatively better solution that is less expensive, quicker and higher in quality. When you come in make sure you are asking about our Zero $0 Deductible Program
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a repair method where no paint, bondo, fillers or chemicals are used. Trained and Certified PDR Technicians work with special tools and equipment, massaging the dent from behind until the panel is back to its old shape.
Once the metal or aluminum is restored, the dent disappears and the repair is untraceable. This helps you get back on the road faster and without paying a lot of money.
PDR will help you maintain your factory paint warranty and the resale value of your vehicle.
We are happy to assist our clients with their insurance deductible. Up to $1000.
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